Tuesday O'Hara Fund

Governing Document (click to view)

Governing Document 
Constitution adopted 28 February 2007 as amended 15 May 2007

The relief of sickness and preservation of health of young adults aged between eighteen and thirty years, suffering from Leukaemia/Cancer within the geographical area of East and West Sussex. In particular but not exclusively by the provisions of financial assistance and the provision of equipment/items for Eastbourne District General Hospital Pevensey Ward, not normally provided by statutory authorities.

Current Project
Our current project is to help raise money with Friends of Eastbourne Hospital to move the current Pevensey Ward, to a new location. Also, to facilitate young adults by providing new units with a home away from home feel with internet access, ensuite, entertainment systems, ect.

Area of Benefit
East and West Sussex 

Area of Operation
East and West Sussex

Registration History
08 Jun 2007 Registered

What, People suffering from Cancer and Leukaemia 
Who, Young people/Adults. between the ages of 18 and 30. 
How, Provides buildings/facilities/open space/Financial assistance

  • Members
  • Mrs Sue O’Hara- Chair/Treasurer
  • Mr Jon Clark - Trustee 
  • Miss Shirley Moth - Trustee
    Mrs Carolyn Robson - Trustee
  • Mr Paul Relf - Trustee
  • Mrs Lynda Cannings - Secretary
Pevensey Ward Project (click to view)
The Pevensey ward provides day and in-patient services for people undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and related illnesses. The conditions treated include leukaemia Lymphoma and other blood diseases with patients coming from the whole of the county.

As medical science advances and more conditions become treatable the pressure on the services in the unit has grown and it is now bursting at the seams, there are desperate requirements for expansion of facilities, replacement of equipment and more chemotherapy trained nurses.

There are many complications from chemotherapy such as life threatening bugs since the treatment lowers the body’s ability to fight of common viruses. People undergoing chemotherapy badly need side rooms to protect them and provide an environment for recreating and meeting visitors.

Another specific need on the Pevensey Ward is dedicated facilities for young people and adolescents as they not only battle a horrific disease but try and cope with the problems that everyday life throws at you during your teens. It is vital that youngster’s time on the ward should be as comfortable as possible and the environment should be homely.

Young adults facing a possibly life-threatening illness benefit a lot from being surrounded by their peers rather than children or older people. They badly need ward facilities where they can chill out, surf the net, watch satellite TV, relax and spend time with friends and family as they might normally. A ‘home away from home’ feel is vital.

Above all they need resources that allow then to build friendships with other patients of the same age so they can create bonds to help each other.

A special appeal with these aims is running in memory of Tuesday O’Hara who was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2003 at the age of 18 and succumbed anger an incredibly brave four-year battle in January last year. In a poem she wrote during her illness Tuesday spoke about holding her head high, something that she did throughout a remarkable life. The Tuesday O’Hara Fund assists young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 on the Pevensey Ward with financial help to the clinic and equipment not normally provided by statutory authorities.

Tuesday will be remembered as a bit mad, fun loving, addicted to shopping and prone to wearing odd socks. A fiery personality and massive courage shone through her illness.

Tuesday had a bone marrow transplant in October 2006 but her condition deteriorated and she lost the use of her legs towards the end of her life. She died with a crowd of family and friends at her bedside.

On one occasion she had chosen to abseil rather than go to hospital for a blood transfusion and she named her much loved dog, a Rottweiler puppy Chemo after her treatment programme.

A double slot had to be booked for friends and family to see Tuesday off at the funeral. Mourners formed a bank of her favourite colour baby blue, and included school friends from West Rise & Ratton as well as her oncologist Dr Richard Grace from the DGH. The number ‘Everything is Tuesday’ by soul group Chairmen of the Board was poignant music at the ceremony and a massive balloon release allowed hundreds of people to pay tribute to a young woman they had admired immensely

Petition to the Prime Minister to promote awareness of the biggest killer of Children, Teenagers and Young Adults - LEUKAEMIA

Most people would say “it’s ONLY Leukaemia, that’s curable”. Speak to a family who has lost a Child, Teenager or Young Adult to Leukaemia and they will tell you otherwise. Leukaemia is an aggressive Cancer requiring aggressive treatment and the biggest killer of Children, Teenagers & Young Adults in the UK. Families who have lost their precious children to Leukaemia request that the Government promote Awareness of this Cancer. There is worldwide recognition of the Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer which has saved many thousands of lives however there are few campaigns aimed at increasing knowledge and early recognition of Leukaemia. We ask the Government to be the "World's Forerunner" in a campaign aimed at raising Awareness of Leukaemia through it's own Channels and Media Sources. We ask that Government provides information to GP’s who often dismiss the signs as normal Child & Teenage ailments. By being better informed, we can get earlier diagnosis, earlier treatments & maybe better prognosis and outcomes in the future. We also ask that public money is invested into research projects to try and eliminate a devastating illness that costs our NHS millions each year.

This petition was started by Diane Watt of The Maria Watt Birmingham Foundation For Childhood & Teenage Leukaemia. The link is http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/leukaemia/

Please click on the link , if you agree with what it stands for please fill it in and send it. thank you.

please sign the petition as well as join the group.just joining the group will not help the petition needs to be signed by 10,000 people to be taken seriously.



About Us

The Tuesday O’Hara Fund was set up in memory of our daughter Tuesday who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in June 2003, at the age of eighteen years old, after long stays in hospital and numerous amounts of chemotherapy on the 24th January 2007 Tuesday lost her 4 year battle. Tuesday's friends and family decided to continue her fight by raising money to help others who suffer this illness.

Tuesday loved to spend time with family and friends going on outings, shopping trips, boy could she shop! & trips to the theatre were a distraction from her illness we have some fantastic memories of these special times with her. Tuesday just wanted to be treated normally she had the great knack of making people laugh & was always smiling. This is one of the things that we will miss most.

Our aim is to raise funds which will enable cancer sufferers under financial hardship and their families and friends, in any way we can. Our ultimate aim is to raise enough money to facilitate the Pevensey Ward/ Proposed adolescent unit located in Eastbourne District General Hospital with equipment that will make young persons aged between eighteen and thirty years stay, as comfortable and homely as possible.

During the early stages of Tuesday’s illness, she wrote the poem below. I think you will agree that it sums up how she felt, but despite it all she still managed to keep us laughing.

Sick To Death By Tuesday O’Hara

You never really know if people understand
All they offer is a friendly hand
Do they actually want to listen to what you’ve got to say?
You don’t actually know but tell them anyway.
Being ill is such a lonely place you have death staring you in the face.
Your so scared of dying that you find yourself just sitting crying.
Sometimes the pain hurts so much you cant even bare to be touched,
You just want to be left alone, but then again you don’t.
All you have left to do is hold your head high & have a smile on your face.
Carry on walking with through life pace by pace….



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