By Beth Ansell (click to view)

A Poem By Beth

Were off to the Marsden 
One of my new homes
Armed with cookies and pen
I might write a few poems

In the car I’m excited
I love coming here
Ilm greeted warmly 
So i feel no fear

Off to my room 
I wait for my nurse
I’m cooked an amazing meal
Maybe Cancer isn’t such a curse

My new routine 
starts again
Bloods and chemo
hoping my heamoglobin is higher than 10

Everyone’s so friendly
On McElwain ward
There is loads to do 
so you don‘t get bored

Its time to leave
I feel quite sad
Coz until next time
Its up to me, my mum and dad


Sick To Death By Tuesday O’Hara (click to view)
You never really know if people understand
All they offer is a friendly hand
Do they actually want to listen to what you’ve got to say?
You don’t actually know but tell them anyway.
Being ill is such a lonely place you have death staring you in the face.
Your so scared of dying that you find yourself just sitting crying.
Sometimes the pain hurts so much you cant even bare to be touched,
You just want to be left alone, but then again you don’t.
All you have left to do is hold your head high & have a smile on your face.
Carry on walking with through life pace by pace….25/04/2003