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Parachute Jump
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We would like a big Thank You to everyone involved with a parachute to date, and those of you going to attend future jumps, also a thank you to everyone that has sponsored a person/people to do a parachute jump. To date for the August the 7th parachute jump we have raised £2,206.13

Parachute Jump 7th August 2007
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Becky Scott
Photos done by Airaffair
Katie Pavely
Photos done by Airaffair

Penny Hurd
Photos done by Airaffair

  Lorraine Walter
Photos done by Airaffair

Simon Lambourne
Photos done by Airaffair

Naz Rajwani
Photos done by Airaffair
The following people participated in the
jump at Headcorn Parachute Club
on 7th August 2007, a Big Thankyou to everyone involved and
to those who sponsored them.
Becky Scott Lorraine Walters Steven Manly Penny Hurd
Annie Fitzpatrick Katie Pavely Naz Rajwani Jake Dooley
Simon Lambourne Lisa Vidler Jodie Nightingale Kyle Harrison
14th May 08
Neil Brewer Richard Webb
Danny Osbourne
Katie Pavely

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